Data Engineering & AI

Data Engineering and AI address the development of architectures for data management and data analysis with AI methods in the context of sensor and machine data.

com2m Data Engineering & KI

Service Modules


Based on a common understanding of the business processes and the definition of the use case, we develop AI approaches: Data inventory, data preparation, data enrichment and model development.

com2m Predictive Maintenance
com2m KI in Produkten

AI in products

With the data obtained, you can offer your customers greater availability. In addition, you can proactively establish new product and service offers.

AI in manufacturing processes

Production data acquisition and evaluation enables, for example, a continuously high product quality and reproducibility and the saving of materials and resources.

Data Architecture

In order to provide data efficiently and uniformly for further processing, special architectures, interfaces and data processing are developed in the data architecture module.

com2m Data Analytics

Data Analytics

Data analytics includes projects in which we support our customers in many areas of data analysis. These include use case identification, data preparation, analysis and model development through to the operationalisation and maintenance of models – with a special focus on sensor and machine data from IoT and Industry 4.0 use cases.