Digital Production - Optimizing Production Based on Data with the Internet of Things

Collect machine and sensor data, evaluate it with algorithms and display the results where you need them? Our team of experienced production engineers, electrical engineers, software developers and data scientists will provide you with comprehensive support in implementing IoT projects in production.

Com2m Digitale Produktion

Challenges of digital production

  • You are still at the beginning of the IoT topic and are looking for suitable use cases
  • You have selected a machine from which you want to collect and analyze data?
  • You want to connect the machines in your production network to a platform?
  • You already collect data from different machines and workstations, but you don’t know yet what to do with the data?”

Then we are the right partner for you!

Our approach for digital production

With our interdisciplinary team and broad partner network, we can support you in all aspects of an IoT project:

  1. Identify potential for improvement
  2. Determine physical parameters to be measured
  3. Acquire machine data from the control system
  4. Analyze data and propose optimizations
  5. Develop concepts for concrete use cases
  6. Select sensors and collect data
  7. Develop software for data processing
  8. Make information accessible to employees

Our services



What are the options for digitizing production? Where do you start? With our structured assessment, we evaluate your production, develop concrete use cases and a digitalization roadmap.

Platform selection

ThingWorx, Mindsphere, Azure or an in-house development after all? There are currently more than 250 IoT platforms on the market. Which platform best meets your requirements? We support you in the selection process.

IIoT hardware concept

Is the IT infrastructure designed to use a platform and AI? Which sensors are needed? What can go to the cloud and for what do internal capacities need to be built? We select the appropriate technology for you.

IIoT software architecture

There is already an ERP and an MES system in place? What is the additional need for an IoT platform? Which tasks will be performed by the systems in the future and how will they interact? We develop the production IT architecture for you.

Data acquisition & software development

Start into the IIoT world

IIoT Starter Kit

You don't have any experience with the IoT yet, but want to see results quickly? With our standardized IoT StarterKit we collect sensor and machine data in a short time with little effort and deliver immediately usable results!

Platform introduction

How do you connect machines to a platform? What should you consider when introducing the platform in multiple plants? We support you on your way and implement the platform on the software side.

Condition Monitoring

How do you monitor the condition of machine elements or tools and receive notifications when something is wrong? We collect the right data for you and develop the appropriate software.


Do you want to display the key KPIs of a machine in an easy-to-understand and up-to-date way? Or do you need a digital store floor board that displays all the information for daily meeting rounds? We develop individual dashboards for you.

Man and machine


How can you record and display the OEE of the machines? How can you find out the causes of losses and implement improvements? We not only record the OEE but also support you in optimizing it!

Intelligent maintenance

How can maintenance be made more efficient? Does it have to be Predicitive Maintenance? We can handle that, too, but if there are simpler solutions that can bring you high savings faster, we'll support you.

Manufacturing process analysis

How can you use artificial intelligence to optimize the manufacturing process? How can parameters such as temperature or feed rate be changed to increase quality and productivity? We develop the appropriate model for you and optimize the manufacturing process.

Worker assistance systems

How can you provide workers in assembly or picking with the information they need? Does this require the use of AR / VR? We select technologies for the recognition of workpieces for you and develop the appropriate software.

Material and tools


How can you seamlessly prove on which machine, with which tool and which parameters a product was manufactured? We collect the data for you and program the necessary interfaces to higher-level systems such as your ERP.

Automated quality assurance

How can manual inspection efforts in quality assurance be avoided? Which technologies can be used for automation? We select suitable technologies for you, such as camera systems, and evaluate the data using machine learning.

Material flow optimization

How do pallets, load carriers, workpieces or operating materials flow through the plant? How can these movements be recorded and optimized? We select the appropriate identification and location technology for you and develop the software.


How can you avoid high search efforts for expensive operating resources? How can you make the condition of operating resources transparent? We select the appropriate identification and tracking technology for you and develop the software.

Do you want to implement something different? Then give us a call anyway. We love new challenges!

Complementing our high IoT expertise, we can rely on strong partners: As com2m, we are part of adesso SE and work closely with the group’s companies.

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Dr. Patrick Kübler
Team Lead Manufacturing IoT

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