EcocleanConnect: IoT cloud and service portal for industrial cleaning machines

With the evelopment of an IoT cloud solution for data collection and analysis, com2m is helping the mechanical engineering company Ecoclean to make its products Industry 4.0-capable and to develop digital services.

About Ecoclean

Ecoclean GmbH develops and distributes products, systems and service solutions for applications in industrial cleaning technology and water-based surface treatment. Ecoclean’s wide range of customers can be found in the automotive industry as well as the industrial market – from manufacturers of parts and components for medical technology to the optics and aircraft industry.

The highlights of the project

Data based optimization

The EcocleanConnect portal records all important data relating to the condition of the connected machines. This allows production oriented KPIs such as Overall Equipment Effectiveness to be monitored and optimized.

Predicitve Maintenance

Data analysis also ensures predictive maintenance. In this way, unplanned and expensive machine downtimes can be avoided.

Central access for the customer

The platform created not only connects all digital services to the machine, but also bundles communication. From maintenance management and service inquiries to data evaluation of individual washing processes.


  • Expansion of the after -sales business with needs-based services
  • Creation of additional offers in the field of production planning and maintenance
  • Process transparency and operational optimization through data acquisition and analysis


  • Data acquisition and pre-processing on the control system (PLC) of the machine
  • Development of a central portal as an access point to all relevant services for customers
  • Evaluations, statistics and analyses of the collected data on the basis of specific questions


  • IoT platform of com2m as a basis
  • Implementation of the target architecture on Microsoft Azure
  • Angular as front-end technology

Our services

  • Initial moderation of an innovation workshop and subsequent conception
  • Agile implementation of cloud development
  • Operation and further development of the IoT cloud solution

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