IoT cloud and service portal for industrial cleaning machines

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About Ecoclean

Ecoclean GmbH develops and distributes products, systems and service solutions for applications in industrial cleaning technology and water-based surface treatment. Ecoclean’s wide range of customers can be found in the automotive industry as well as in the diversified industrial market – from manufacturers of parts and components for medical technology, to the optics and aircraft industry.


  • Expansion of the after-sales business with services tailored to demand
  • Creation of additional services in the field of production planning and maintenance
  • Process transparency and operational optimisation through data acquisition and analysis


  • Data acquisition and pre-processing on the press control system (SPS)
  • Creation of a central portal as a point of access to all relevant services for customers
  • Evaluations, statistics and analyses of the collected data based on concrete questions


  • IoT platform of com2m as basis
  • Implementation of the target architecture on Microsoft Azure
  • Angular as front-end technology

Our services

  • Initial moderation of an innovation workshop and subsequent conception
  • Agile implementation of cloud development
  • Operation and further development of the IoT cloud solution

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com2m Patrik Kübler


Dr. Patrick Kübler
Team Lead Manufacturing IoT