IoT cloud
infrastructure and service applications
for energy storage

About Hoppecke

The Accumulatorenwerke HOPPECKE Carl Zoellner & Sohn GmbH, founded in Brilon in 1927, is fully committed to industrial energy storage systems. The main areas are divided into emission-free drives (trak), secured power supply (grid), storage of renewable energy (sun) and railway and metro systems (rail). The company, which specialises in lead acid and nickel-cadmium, has expanded its portfolio to include modern lithium-ion storage media through its subsidiary INTILION, which was founded in 2019, and thus additionally covers the areas of stationary storage systems for buffering renewable energies, drive storage systems for industrial trucks such as forklift trucks, and high-voltage systems for train propulsion and other heavy-duty applications.


  • Connection of all energy storage devices for consistent data acquisition
  • Creation of a data infrastructure for evaluations and analyses
  • Implementation of applications for the service and the end customers


  • Central IoT platform for the various product areas
  • Dynamic device structures for individual projects
  • High-resolution data acquisition incl. concept for managing mass data


  • IoT platform of com2m as basis
  • Implementation of the target architecture on Microsoft Azure
  • Data storage based on the Azure DataLake Storage Gen2

Our services

  • Joint conception of the overall solution (technical and functional)
  • Agile implementation of cloud development
  • Operation and further development of the IoT cloud solution
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