The intelligent digitization of energy storage systems

Based on the com2m IoT platform, INTILION processes telemetry data automatically in the cloud – and increases value creation and revenue thanks to an intelligent administration portal and digital services.


As a 100% part of the Hoppecke Group, INTILION has been focusing on the development and provision of individual lithium-ion energy storage solutions since 2019. With roots at Hoppecke, the team has more than 90 years of experience in the development and manufacture of electrochemical energy storage systems for industrial applications to the highest quality standards and focuses on the development and provision of innovative, individual lithium-ion energy storage solutions. The product portfolio includes systems for stationary battery storage as well as for industrial traction applications.

The highlights of the project

Detailed customer analysis

Via PowerBI dashboards with Azure Data Lake connection, customer behavior can be analyzed in detail and the data can be reused accordingly.

Direct customer support

Via the Service Dashboard, anomalies and disturbances can be identified and analyzed remotely before the customer notices them. Remote support for the commissioning of battery storage systems is also ensured.

Reliable data

The data resolution can be ensured accurately and in detail with 200 milliseconds.


  • Increase in sales and value creation as well as the development of data-driven business models through intelligent data collection
  • Sustainable revenue growth thanks to data analytics and the development of smart services
  • Saving resources and increasing efficiency through process and reporting automation
  • High-performance presentation of the essential features in reports and customer-specific embedding in the IoT platform
  • Risk minimization for all areas of the company through high, data-based transparency


  • Automated processing of large amounts of data and calculation of important KPIs through targeted and structured data acquisition, data storage, pre-processing and visualization
  • Use of a minimum number of gateway types and a common and unified database
  • Standardized interfaces and products and a uniform administration platform


  • com2m IoT platform as a basis
  • Azure Databricks Notebooks for processing the data in the data lake
  • Azure Functions as automation of notebooks

Our services

  • Provision of established data loggers for the fine-grained acquisition of structured user data of the battery systems
  • Connection of stationary storage systems, trains and industrial trucks
  • Storage of all data in Azure Data Lake Storage (2.6 TB since 2020 (as of autumn 2021, 320 GB growth per month) for long-term storage of all raw data, individual processing of mass data and as a basis for big data approaches
  • Provision of calculated KPIs (FCE, SoC, DoD, histograms)
  • Implementation of a portal with display of devices, their location, raw data, detailed evaluations and performance analysis, as well as an overview of the available messages
  • Implementation of the customer solution based on the com2m IoT platform for fast processing of mass data, an end customer-compatible data display, filtering of the data according to customer relevance, as well as the use of temporally aggregated data
  • Advice on data analysis using PowerBI
  • Operation and application management of the customer application
INTILION Dashboards

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