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IoT in Mechanical and Plant Engineering

Digitalization has long since moved beyond small, handy products – the megatrend is also making inroads in mechanical and plant engineering. Condition monitoring and predictive maintenance, data analytics and the latest cloud technologies are not just a means to an end, but open up entirely new, sustainable and future-proof business models for mechanical engineering: away from the pure sale of equipment, towards the provider of holistic services and continuous revenue models.

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Opportunities and challenges for IoT solutions in plant and mechanical engineering

Data-driven IoT offers opportunities and added value for both machine and plant builders and their users. The focus is often on a customer and service portal that offers end customers digital services around the machinery based on real-time data from the machines – from KPIs to spare parts, service management, remote support and much more.


  • Improvement of the service offering, e.g. through after-sales portals as a central access point for the customer
  • Development of modern rental and sales models, such as pay-per-use
  • Transparency about the real utilization of machines and equipment
  • Data analysis and reports for optimization and further development
  • Error detection and guided error analysis


  • Reducing costs and increasing availability, e.g. through predictive maintenance
  • Recording of overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)
  • Reduction of investment costs through pay-per-use offers
  • Interoperability through intelligent and digital networking of all machines and systems
  • Central access to service history and management
  • Performance evaluation and benchmarks

Our services for mechanical and plant engineering

In the mechanical and plant engineering sector in particular, many companies have been on the market for an extremely long time and have excellent know-how. However, it is difficult to stand out from the competition on the basis of outstanding products alone. Nevertheless, the first step towards digitalization and Industry 4.0 is difficult in the context of these structures that have grown over decades.


We accompany you on the way.

After Sales

IoT solutions offer the After Sales division new opportunities to show customers new development possibilities and perspectives. Through targeted data collection and analysis, your after-sales team gains deeper insights into the behavior of your customers and can thus place targeted offers, e.g. in the form of fixed service contracts or predictive spare parts sales.

Development of measurement concepts

Predictive maintenance always involves the collection of data. But what kind of data do you need, which sensors are suitable and how often should the data be collected? To ensure that your measurement concepts fit your machine and plant type as well as the usage scenarios exactly, we develop them individually together with you. We accompany you from the selection of suitable sensors and the development of use cases to data collection and analysis.

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance is the term used to describe predictive maintenance that can prevent downtimes, especially in industrial production, by detecting incipient failures at an early stage. Retrofit sensors can also be used to upgrade older machines for predictive maintenance scenarios - we support you in the selection process! Complementing our high IoT expertise, we can rely on strong partners: As com2m, we are part of adesso SE and work closely with the companies in the group.

Customer portal

Customer portals are particularly suitable for medium-sized companies to bundle access to their IT services and provide the easiest possible use with a high user experience. The goal of these portals is not to replace existing channels, but to integrate services centrally, drawing on knowledge from live data, e.g., from machines.


Similar to the IoT Factory, the Data Factory is a methodical-organizational approach with which we form a team within your company that quickly and efficiently implements the data-driven use cases that we develop together with you.

IoT roadmap

IoT is not an end in itself. All the more important to look at the topic not only from a technical point of view, but to start with benefits and added values. We help you to design IoT solutions in a target-oriented way, from the brainstorming to the technical conception. In addition to support through workshops and moderation, we are available as a partner at your side through subsequent implementation to the operation and maintenance of an IoT solution.

Digital services

With the help of modern IoT technologies, you can expand your business model by offering new digital services for your machinery. Thanks to the collection and analysis of machine data, you can offer your customers more than just service and spare parts: For example, diagnostics on the condition of the machines, the submission of optimization suggestions of the operation, targeted operational support and remote maintenance, as well as new full-service and pay-per-use solutions are possible.

Technical conception and system architecture

What are the goals of networking the machines? What are the requirements of individual in-house departments and those of customers? Which use cases are derived from this and which business models are made possible? What additional challenges and obligations does a networked machine bring with it and what impact does this have on your own processes? We help you to structure the requirements, the technical conception of an overall solution and the development of the necessary system architecture.

Condition Monitoring

Thanks to intelligent condition monitoring of your machines, you have a real-time overview of the condition of your plant and can thus react proactively to changes and prevent expensive technician deployments. We accompany you from planning to implementation and operation of your condition monitoring solution.

Complementing our high IoT expertise, we can rely on strong partners: As com2m, we are part of adesso SE and work closely with the group’s companies.


EcocleanConnect: IoT cloud and service portal for industrial cleaning machines

With the development of an IoT cloud solution for data acquisition and evaluation, com2m helps the mechanical engineering company Ecoclean to make its products suitable for Industry 4.0. In addition to improving service and maintenance, the focus is on optimising and monitoring production-oriented KPIs such as OEE.

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Böcker Car Cranes

Customer portal BöckerConnect based on IoT data

Creating new solutions for service processes, improving product knowledge and at the same time generating new added value for customers. As a manufacturer of truck-mounted cranes, Böcker pursued these goals by developing an IoT solution. Together with com2m, a solution was developed which offers live monitoring and many services for the end customer as well as for Böcker itself.

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