Smart building: IoT for digitally networked buildings

The megatrend of digitilization has long since extended beyond products to include production and the digitization of entire buildings. Companies, however, are facing major challenges. After all, entire company complexes, municipal buildings or airports cannot simply be digitized at the push of a button: Each trade in its own right breaks open and brings digital solutions into play – which in turn impacts the entire system and requires connection solutions. Entire industries, such as the lighting industry or sanitary companies, are relying less and less on pure product development and sales, but are becoming providers of holistic service solutions.

Com2m Smart Building

Opportunities and challenges for IoT solutions in the smart building sector

In a building, all trades must mesh smoothly – and this requires that each individual sector, such as the lighting industry, utilities or elevator technology, digitilizes itself and uses the advantages of intelligent IoT solutions to make the vision of the smart building a reality:

  • Opportunities for centrally controlled remote maintenance
  • Predicitive maintenance through the generation and analysis of machine data.
  • Digital product networking through intelligent sensor technology
  • Extension of your own business model towards solution provider, such as intelligent building navigation, provision of individual services based on collected data on customer tracking, room booking and usage, temperature, lighting conditions, machine performance, and digital services for facility management  

Our services for smart buildings

Our approach is holistic and supports you in all phases of your IoT project.

Thanks to our deep branch expertise, we draw on a broad portfolio:

  • IoT business model consulting as part of the team at the customer site 
  • IoT Consulting 
  • Benefit / Potential Analysis
  • Architecture Consulting
  • Backend integrations
  • Backend and application development
  • Monitoring and Device Management
  • Data analysis / evaluations

Complementing our high IoT expertise, we can rely on strong partners: As com2m, we are part of adesso SE and work closely with the group’s companies.


IoT cloud for digital services through networked water fittings

The broad field of building automation offers great potential, especially in the area of water supply, e.g. for improving hygiene monitoring or facility management. In order to make the relevant information available, com2m has connected some products from the Schell portfolio, such as water fittings or flushing systems, to a cloud environment.

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Intelligent lighting management and digital services via networked luminaires

Luminaires equipped with sensors provide valuable information that can not only be used to implement new business models such as PayPerUse but also provide digital value-added services for end customers.

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