IoT cloud solution for e-bike charging station administration and management

For the company Spelsberg, com2m is developing a platform that brings the customer’s most unusual product to date into the digital world: Bike Charging Stations (BCS) – charging without carrying your own charger. With the help of the cloud platform, statistics of the station can be viewed and statuses evaluated – and even controlled.

About Spelsberg

Spelsberg is a market-leading company in the electrical industry with 116 years of experience in the fields of electrical installation and enclousure technology. The company is active worldwiede with ints own subsidiaries and sales partners, manufactures consistently inGermany and employs a total of around 450 people at its sites and subsidiaries. Currently, Spelsberg’s product range comprises well over 5,000 items, including junction boxes, small distributors, terminal blocks, meter and industrial enclousures.
Spelsberg bundles the entire know-how for all issues relating to electrical installation housings under one roof and takes care of all steps from prototype construction and individual customization to the electrotechnical development and assembly of customer-specific complete systems itself.

The highlights of the project

Management of e-bike charging stations

Customers, e.g. from the hotel and catering sectors, are increasingly offering their customers charging options for e-bikes. To make this convenient not only for the end customer, the cloud solution created offers central management incl. statistics, evaluations and options for restricting access.

Integration option for third-party systems

Via a provided API, the data of the charging stations, e.g. the availability of free charging points – can also be integrated into third-party systems, e.g. for navigation

Additional digital services

How can data from e-bike charging stations be used in a targeted manner for marketing and customer evaluations? We don’t want to give too much away yet, but here, too, a meaningful link is possible.


  • Connected charging station for e-bikes with value-added services
  • Access to further functions via app and web portal
  • Remote management and maintenance capabilities
com2m Spelsberg e-bike Ladestation


  • Networking of charging stations via mobile communications with an IoT cloud solution
  • Development of a web application for management (dashboard)
  • Use case-specific processes and services


  • IoT platform of com2m as basis, OCPP as communication protocol
  • Implementation of the target architecture on Microsoft Azure
  • Angular as front-end technology

Our services

  • Development of the technical concept
  • Agile implementation of cloud development
  • Operation and further development of the IoT cloud solution

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