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com2m Steinel Dashboard

About Steinel

Innovations are the main focus of the Steinel company, founded in 1959. The product portfolio ranges from hot-melt glue guns in the power tool sector to outdoor lighting and presence detectors in the lighting and sensor technology sector. The company with a total of 1,600 employees produces and develops at 6 locations in Germany and the EU.


  • Development of sensor-based services in the context of buildings, such as web-based room booking systems, adaptive lighting or visitor flow analyses
  • Generation of new business models, e.g. offering individual, proactive maintenance measures


  • Data acquisition from luminaires and sensors, e.g. operating hours, energy consumption or presence of people
  • Development of web-based services and evaluations


  • IoT platform of com2m as a basis
  • Implementation of the target architecture on Microsoft Azure
  • Angular as front-end technology

Our services

  • Concept of the application
  • Agile implementation of cloud development
  • Operation and further development of the IoT cloud solution
com2m Steinel Dashboard

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Marco Oesterlein
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