The Digitilization of the Energy Industry via IoT

Digitization is spreading further and further afield – and is also reaching the energy industry: Decentralization, sector coupling and changing requirements call for new solutions and digital approaches.

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IoT in the energy industry: challenges and opportunities

Increasing digitalization is creating a new environment in which energy suppliers and generators as well as transmission system operators must operate – and at the same time helping to actively meet the challenges.

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Decentralization and (grid) instability

Last but not least, the energy transition is causing decentralization in the energy industry. Small, independent energy suppliers and producers with sustainable approaches are joining the conventional power and municipal utilities, which are increasingly having to fight for their customers. But the more decentralized the grid is regulated, the greater the risk of instability - and the louder the calls for strong and secure interconnection.

Requirements for smart buildings

Smart buildings place new demands on energy producers and suppliers, which they can meet with the help of intelligent IoT solutions: CO2 and energy costs must be saved, electricity should be generated 100% sustainably, and charging options for e-cars must be flexible and intelligently usable.

Smart grid

The intelligent power grid - or smart grid - refers to the networking and control of electricity generators and storage, as well as the electrical consumers and the energy suppliers. A coordinated and intelligently interconnected smart grid offers the possibility of optimizing and monitoring all connected players and thus meets the challenges of decentralization.

Reverse load flows

Particularly in the low-voltage grid, consumers are increasingly becoming energy producers at the same time, for example through photovoltaic systems - consumers are becoming prosumers. Intelligent and digital service solutions are important here so that both sides - the prosumers and the large energy producers and suppliers - benefit from the new situation.

Renewable energies

The energy transition is the driver behind the digitization of the energy industry. It presents the players with challenges that they can meet with the help of smart and digital solutions - be it increasing decentralization, sector coupling, intelligent load and charging management or a smart grid.

Sector coupling

Increasing sector coupling calls not only for stronger networking but above all for a hollistic view of the energy industry, supply and generation. The individual providers face the challenge of looking beyond their own horizons in order to benefit from each other and optimize the individual sectors.

Our approach to IoT projects in the energy industry.

The energy transition is forcing an entire industry to change – and digitalization is the perfect companion thanks to smart IoT solutions. With the help of smart concepts, energy suppliers and producers are becoming holistic energy service providers that establish new revenue models thanks to completely new business models. At the same time, digital solutions offer the opportunity to use the existing, widely distributed and complex infrastructure more efficiently and to ensure its operation. 


If you want to go down this path, we will accompany you through all phases of your IoT project with services from our broad portfolio:

  • Establishing an intelligent data infrastructure by connecting to data platforms, including central dashboard development.
  • Establishment of digital service offerings such as targeted operational support and remote maintenance, as well as new full-service and pay-per-use solutions
  • Backend and IoT cloud integration
  • Process support
  • Data analytics and data management
  • Condition monitoring and predictive maintenance

Unsere Basis für individuelle Lösungen: die com2m IoT-Plattform

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com2m platform: Flexible IoT solutions from a single source

The components of our IoT platform offer extensive functionalities – flexibly adaptable to your individual requirements. In this way, we create a holistic, integrated and individual IoT solution for you that opens up additional business potential through digital services.

The functionality of the com2m IoT platform extends to backend services with open interfaces. These are supplemented by additional, desired functionality as well as an individual front end (e.g. customer portal). 

Your advantages:

  • Provision of application-oriented functionality as services
  • Extensible through open interfaces
  • Can be combined with other cloud-native services (e.g. DataLake from Microsoft Azure)
  • Components can be operated on all common cloud environments and OnPremise (Docker)

The following technologies are used:

  • Cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure, for example, in combination with the com2m IoT platform with existing basic services.
  • Wireless technologies such as LoRaWan and NB-IoT

Complementing our high IoT expertise, we can rely on strong partners: As com2m, we are part of adesso SE and work closely with the group’s companies.


E-Mobility Backend Solution

Future topic electric mobility meets future topic IoT. With the help of com2m’s IoT cloud expertise, wallbe will receive a modern e-mobility back-end solution that will enable the full potential of the Paderborn charging infrastructure solutions to be realised. From load management and control to services such as payment and billing.

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IoT cloud infrastructure and service applications for energy storage

In the course of digitisation, HOPPECKE is looking into the possibilities of data acquisition (Internet of Things / IoT) and the resulting opportunities. Data is to be recorded on batteries of the three product lines Motive Power, Reserve Power and SpecialPower and centrally combined in a cloud-based platform.

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