Cloud Development

From IoT cloud solutions to fully integrated customer and service portals: Our cloud development team develops holistic solutions and digital services and implements both operations and application management. Of course, we always keep an eye on the existing IT infrastructure and the framework conditions specified by our customers.

com2m Cloud Development

Our service modules


Whether cloud-native, open source or platforms such as the com2m IoT platform – IoT cloud solutions are as individual as our customers‘ projects. That’s why we develop cloud solutions according to your needs. 

com2m Cloud Development

Data Platform

Data platforms are THE central components of your digitization strategy. They store data, from all relevant systems – from machine data to master and order data to usage data – making it possible to develop novel solutions with data-driven products that would not be possible without a central data platform. We always take a holistic view of the use of such data platforms and work with you to answer questions about project-specific concepts for data storage (hot and cold storage) or the ETL process, and also take care of the development of initial lighthouse projects, the creation of data lakes and the implementation of suitable analysis interfaces.

Customer and service portals

IT system landscapes have often grown over years and are correspondingly fractured. Nevertheless, you don’t have to rebuild your entire architecture to bring these systems together in the cloud. We develop holistic, integrated customer and service portals based on machine and device data, always taking into account your specific requirements, processes and existing IT landscape.

com2m Data Analytics
com2m Cloud Development

Building digital cloud services

On the basis of digital cloud services, after sales offers and new digital services and entirely new business models such as PayPerUse are created – always with a focus on real added value for your customers. We accompany you on your way to becoming a digital service provider.

Operation & Application Management

Once the new solution is integrated, we don’t leave you on your own. We are available for the complete operation of the applications on cloud environments as well as for application management.